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princess celestia's parents


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You know how in the first episode of" My Little Pony''  they went to the castle princess celestia and princess luna USED to live. What happened to there parents? Did they die or something?If so how? i want to know, i think it is so interesting to find out about. This has been going in my mind for like eva! I wonder if they are going ot tell us in the new episode or i should say new season.unsure.png

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This looks more like a background type of episode. One where nothing much is told or said except a whole bunch of history.


While it's necessary; it needs to be implemented well rather than just giving us a history lesson.

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As wildpaw said, I hope we'll find out more about their past in Season 4. The only thing we do know is that they did not exist, or where just children, during the events of Hearth's Warming Eve. My head canon is that Clover the Cleaver is actually Celestia before she became an Alicorn. Of course there are theories that all the ponies in HWE are the ancestors of the Mane 6. Another theory is that Clover the Clever is actually Princess Twilight and she traveled back in time to meet Star Swirl.

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I think they might touch on this a little bit in S4. At least I hope they will.

But they have parents for sure, and I think they were Alicorns aswell. I know it's canon/a fanfic but their parents had names and cutie marks based on the universe instead of certain points around Equestria.

We'll just have to wait for Season 4 :P

(I'm too anxious to wait Dx)

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Haven't you heard of Queen Galaxia? ;-)



Personally, I very like this idea, and it's been invented completely by fans.


My own theory on the origins of Alicorns in Equestria is that they came to Earth from the sky, that is, from the deep abyss of the Cosmos. They traveled for a long time throughouth the galaxy, searching for a new home they could settle, after devastating war with Archonts, their arch-enemies. They brought with them their most precious treasure: their knowledge about Magic. It was written in a single book, called the Almighty Almanac of All Alicorn Magic. They met some sentient creatures on Earth: the Earth Ponies. And seeing how much their struggle in their lives, they taught them some of their knowledge, about agriculture, building shelters etc. and they taught them their language. They loved them so much, that they were cross-breeding with them, making families and having babies. Unfortunately, some babies were born with horns but without wings. Others were born with wings but without horns. That's the origin of Unicorns and Pegasi. It's a long story, covering thousands of years, so it's hard to describe it in detail in one short post on a forum ;-) But long story short, Ancient Alicorns had to leave the Earth and only few of them stayed there, to keep the knowledge about Magic live, and to protect the six pieces of the Book of All Magic, after it has been split into pieces and hidden in different secret places after the Great Divide (the event which separated the world of Equines from the world of Humans). Luna and Celestia were two Alicorn babies which has been left on Earth in that time. Present days, they don't have much memories about these days from their early childhood, but they know something is on, and that's where their obsession about stars and celestial bodies comes from. They subconsciously feel their link with the ancient past, and their heavenly heritage. And Ancient Alicorns promised they'll return to Earth one day ;-)

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I would look at this question from a litle farther away first:

We know that Equestria is located on a planet (let's call it E), which does not have a name at this point, but it must be a planet as it has a moon (let's call it M). It is certain that M is an entirely separate celestial body, because Luna was banished there, and in the comics (which are considered canon, as far as I know) the mane 6 go there on an adventure.

So if E is a planet, and there is a sun and a moon, then it should be in a solar system.

So considering this, the roles of the two sisters shouldn't really be rising and dawning the Sun and the Moon, but instead rotate E, and make M orbit around itIF E is not the center of it's solar system, which is very unlikely, considerding it's most likely about the size or smaller, than Earth.


Now let's just think about what would happen to E, if the sisters wouldn't be there to make it (and M) move around...

There would be no life at all.


So there are 2 cases for this to work out:

A: Celestia and Luna are immortals, and have been around since the creation of E.

This would solve a lot of things, wouldn't it?


But there would come the question: Where were they during the happenings of Heart's Warming Eve?

To be exact, nothing implicates, that the regal sisters were living with the 3 tribes during that time.

We know, that originally they were living in a casle in the Everfree Forrest (as per Season 4), as Twilight states that the castle was damaged when the incident with Nightmare Moon occured, from which we can conclude, that the sisters were living there, and not in Canterlot (built later by the unicorns) at and most likely before that time, and Celestia only moved in Canterlot after banishing Luna to the moon.

So I think it is safe to conclude, that they were already living in Equestria by the time any other ponies got there.


So in this case we can say that maybe they didn't actually have parents at all.


B: My other guess would be that their role, of moving celestial stuf around, and maintaining life on the planet, is a heritage.

In this case there had to be one or two predecesor(s) [because we know that one pony can manage both the planet and it's moon] to the sisters, who at the end of his/her/their time gave the power to them, so they can maintain things as they are.


In this case can we only speak about them having parents, and being born as normal alicorns. (who were still living in equestrian territoy before the arrival of the tribes, but in this case not alone at all...)

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Given what we know strictly from canon the timeline looks like this:




-Time of be Windigos (Hearth's Warming Eve)


-Tribes Unite


-Discord's reign (unknown length)


-Celestia and Luna's reign


-Luna/ Night Mare Moon banished


-Celestia's 1,000 year reign


-Modern times


One thing we can presume is that the Sisters must have ruled between the founding of Eqestria and Discord's reign since we see Luna and Celestia wearing crowns in the S4 flashbacks. Beyond that they are still a mystery.

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Tbh I've got a whole "gold chocobo" approach to the sisters in that the offspring can be much better than the parents that created them,


Hurricane was probablt as stong as a pegesus could get and probbaly could do the original sonic rainboom


Platinium was a unicorn queen and could (with help) raise the sun and moon.


There offspring could have inherited both traits and became the first alicorns.



Also something just occured to me.


What if the sisters were not immortal UNTIL they found the tree? Maybe immortality is how it effected the sisters destiny.

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