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okay what if the cmc got their cutie mark in shipping?


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Okay remember the episode where the cmc try to fix up big mac and their teacher?
now imagine it still goes horribly bad.


and right when their about to learn their lesson Bam 3 heart cutie marks.

Apple bloom

"Gosh i guess we didn't learn anything!"

Sweetie bell
"Buck learning, I got cutie mark!"


"So uh.. what do we do now?"


All 3 blankely stare at each other. 
Apple bloom
"Oh Celestail I'm freaking out!"


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Well, they were shipping sort of in Hearts and Hooves Day but if they did it for real then I wouldn't approve of it. We've already seen a romantic episode where Big Mac and Cheerilee would never shut up. So, no thanks.

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Nah. I am pretty sure that would never happen or be possible to happen either. If they ever get their cutie marks, they would get different ones. Plus, I don't really like the idea of CMC trying to get two ponies together. It was okay in Hearts and hooves day though but that was just a special day you know.

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