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Rainbow Dash Playing


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Another addition to my winter collection, I have another one being made, but it's still a WIP (spoiler, it's Applebloom)
Anyways, this one was made a few days ago. so here it is.






Hope you like it, It was really frustrating to draw because of the Background, and Rainbow Dashes position, just made it even harder to draw. anywho, please reply, and scale from 1/10 and don't be shy wink.png


*idk why i put derpy in the Background...derpy_emoticon1.png derpy_emoticon2.png derpy_emoticon1.png derpy_emoticon2.png derpy_emoticon1.png derpy_emoticon2.png derpy_emoticon1.png derpy_emoticon2.png derpy_emoticon1.png *

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Wow! Nice drawing! I like your style of drawing, much different from mine. Also liked the way you shaded it :D

I'd give it a 9/10

Thank you, I didn't emphasize the shading a whole lot on this. But i guess it looks pretty ok to me...still, I appreciate the comment ^_^ Edited by Pelate
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That's adorable! I'm a big fan of your shading techniques, and the scene is just too cute! The background is lacking the same shading detail as the foreground, but other than that, I find nothing wrong with it. 9/10 for you!

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