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Would the Everfree Forest be much more deadly if this wasn't a kid's show?


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As fans, we probably don't think much of the EFF, because weather and animals caring for themselves isn't scary to us. But HOW and WHY does it care for itself?  There at least seems to be some sort of dark element to it. Just look at all the creatures we've seen come out of it. The timberwolves, the cockatrice, the manticore, a dragon, and the mirror pond. And, scary in a different way, the parasprites.  It's seen as creepy and unnatural, and it seems what really protects the ponies is that it's a kid's show and couldn't show a savage attack.


 What got me thinking about this was a Scootaloo fanfic I'm doing, where my own interpretation of why she's an orphan is that her parents were attacked and killed while flying too close to the forest at night.  It certainly operates differently than apparently all the rest of Equestria. Of course, it's not like it's all bad. Zecora lives there, and she apparently has no problems, but it may just be that she's smart enough to know not to lower her guard. At the very least, SOMETHING'S eating the parasprites, or else they'd be multiplying out of control. So do you think the forest is evil in some way? Or does it seem unlikely that the forest has claimed a lot of victims behind the scenes of the show?

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Well, man. Like, dude, man... It like totally could be like totally evil all up in people's minds, you know so them there fan fictions sound moderately decent with all the drama and whatnot. I mean how often are people exactly interested in something that isn't funny, violent or dramatic in any way? Not often. People always say they like the MLP for the story, animation, and other crap. Yeah the animation is good and the story is... a story, but let's face it, it's because the characters are fucking adorable and there is just some feeling of wrongness that pushes everyone to watch this thing and like it.


So yeah, I'd say of course the show would be more violent if it wasn't a kids show, and it would have more crude humor as well. But wouldn't everything be like that? I mean, I'd be kinda lost making a kids show myself, I like to toss in violence and crude humor in my stories. I'd say in general people are drawn to that kinda stuff.


I mean, in the world of the ponies compared to our world, nothing that occurs is actually that evil... I mean, to them it feels evil, but nobody gets a cap popped in the their ass or nothin'. They just gotta have some kind of dramatic scare/diabolical effect on the viewers, so they use things like the villains who either turn nice or disappear, or they use the mysterious forrest thingy. 


I mean, people tell their kids not to go running around the ghetto, or truckstops at night so I assume it's supposed to have the same effect in the show to both the children who view it and the characters that learn a lesson by disobeying their superiors. It's kinda sending them a message like "Follow orders bitchez" or something.


Eh, I'm usually funnier than this... I'm losing it.

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