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Request Request for me and a dear friend :) Any attempt welcome!


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So, here is an idea my friend came up with smile.png


He: Polaris, Would be stood winking at the camera looking confident / heroic, maybe with his mane blowing back a bit, My OC would be next to his nuzzling into his cheek (also looking into the camera) , perhaps with his one eye closed (the one nearest his cheek) and the other open, his face would be blushing / cute smile.png


As for background I had a few vague ideas, Maybe a wintery background ?  Or the sun setting in the background? But not a night time background, would be nice to have some light reflection effects to if possible, though im not sure how easy that is to draw tongue.png


As long as the pose is fine you can fiddle with the rest smile.png


Also I would like normal size proportions smile.png Like in the show wink.png


You can find OC pics of me on my profile , here is his smile.png



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