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Headcanon Adjustments

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What headcanons were changed this season? Let me count down mine


1. Nightmare Moon isn't stronger than Celestia, they are equals

2. Celestia's Elements are Kindness, Generosity, and Magic and Luna's were Laughter, Loyalty, and Honesty judging by the Discord flashback. 

3. Discord beat the ever loving crap out of Celestia and Luna before the Elements

4. Dark Magic is considered "Alicorn" magic, explains why King Sombra was so powerful

5. Luna was throwing a temper tantrum and being possessed had nothing to do with Nightmare Moon. She seemed to be enjoying her transformation.


Any others that you guys changed?

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Had me thinking if dark magic is alicorn magic being able to control it and not let it take you over us why you become alicorm and not a demon like unicorn like sombra. Doesnt quite explain cadence in my mind but sombra at least

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I'm not sure if this counts as a headcanon, but I made a theory about a week before the premiere that Twilight has to bring about Twilight in the premiere. I'm not one that cares for making headcanons up that much, so that was pretty much the only thing.

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