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Searching Everfree Panic- The Corruption Spreads

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Season 4 spoilers!

(Survival, fairly cannon)


Just got finished watching season 4 premiere, and the entire time I wondered? Where is my OC in this. There has to be others that are affected by these weeds that.

-hinder magic

-ruin flight

-and out right attack you.


In this (probably short) rp you will take the role of your Oc in Ponyville or other area (since yes it did spread to canter lot) as you try to survive this overgrowth of demonic plant life.




-no alicorns or over powered oc's


-You can use things other than ponies. Only rule is that it has to make sense why your there

     Ex: changeling, griffion. 

          Ex2: Chany Changeling was wondering around ponyville in a stallion's disguise. He was hopelessly lost from his group of scavengers, and would fail his mission for his queen if he didn't meet his quota of love.


-If you want to start in another town other than Ponyville talk to someone, and see if they will start there with you. (it might be a little boring on your own but if you wish I will allow it.)


-This is a survival Rp but you won't die. You will be trapped in the vines if something were to go horribly wrong for you. (This is close to cannon so not to much gore, but your allowed to bled and feel pain ect)


-You can create minor problems for yourself, like a broken leg ect, but I (and another DM if you ask) will control the everfree vines.


-Love can be Pg. Hopefully nothing more than a kiss, but I wont's bother you too much unless it gets ridiculous.


-This will mainly be you trying to not get trapped by these vines, and you are allowed to make creative ways to survive.

      Ex: Her magic wasn't working, but she grabbed a lighter from her cabinet and set the vines on fire... (here is where I as a DM might add) as it burned the vines around her. The fire caught onto a chair...



Final note


Final note, this take place a little while before the outbreak, so go about your average day. If you all want to speed things up after a certain point, just post here and we can begin on a very interesting day in all your Oc's lives. 


accepted oc's


Dirge: http://mlpforums.com...s/_/dirge-r5093 @,


Tian: http://mlpforums.com...isharmony-r4775 @@~Tian_Disharmony~,

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Alright, can I just get where your starting? Also, might ask you to tone down the blood and ultimate martial arts fighting style a little bit. If you can, maybe just average martial arts? I can understand pressure points (ect), but let's try to not have a million pony hooves flying all at once lol.

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Sure thing. I'll be starting just outside of ponyville, probably out to buy supplies for the academy. And yes I'll tone it down greatly. I understand your concerns. ( it's just because he's my FOTNS reference. XD)

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@@Yuuki Asuna,


Were not really having deaths here, trying keep it close to canon. She can be insane if she wants, but try not to have her brutalize another pony. Harm and trap fine, but unless you all want to. No deaths. 

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