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I have not seen a Yu-Gi-Oh! post yet, and I am in dire need of one.. not really.


I'm sure there are some Yu-Gi-Oh! fans throughout this forum, so this topic of for y'all.

This will basically be the place to talk about the game and trade some cards.

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Didn't feel appropriate to have this part up there, so..


I need a Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End


Here are some cards that I am very much willing to trade:

Chthonian Emperor Dragon

Gandora the Dragon of Destruction

Vampire Genesis [& Vampire Lord]

Dark Magician [normal + Limited Edition]

Dark Magician Girl

Red Eyes Darkness Dragon

Red Eyes Zombie Dragon


I really need that card..


[Of a Relinquished would be fine, I'm just trying to be nice to a friend I have..]

Well I'm one don't really play it anymore now. Last time I remember play was two years ago. Man good time, I still have my cards.

I know, it's been a long time for everybody. Me and some guys are bringing it back though.

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I used to play it a long while ago


I remember this one time where I was dueling with this guy. I summoned one of my strong cards to start and went for an attack. He pulls off the trap card Fissure. You think I'm screwed right? Wrong! I had the trap card "Royal Decree" in my hand and counter-trapped him. It negated the effects of Fissure.


I do remember some cards I had


Cliff The Trap Remover

Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth (A super pain in the flank to summon)

Guilfried The Iron Knight

Guilfried the Swords Master

Marzuda The Zapper (2x attack in one turn. A really good card)

Lightning Vortex

Mystic Typhoon

Heavy Storm


That's all I can remember for now. 


I wonder if anyone here was able to pull off The Black Luster Ritual. 

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I lost all my cards a few months back! I don't know what happened either :( I spent a lot of time perfecting my team....If I find them I'll let yall know :) Glad to see fellow Yu-Gi-Oh players 


Oh and I've done The Black Luster Ritual, not that hard

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I don't play the TCG anymore, at least not IRL. The Yu-Gi-Oh! Leagues I used to attend one day decided to place an age limit for young kids only, so I was barred from playing and just kinda walked away from it since then. My only regret was trading away some of my prized cards though, like BLS Envoy of the Beginning, and Chaos Emperor Dragon, mainly because they were banned from use around that time period, which totally ruined my Chaos Beatdown deck, but meh, oh well.


I DO however like to mess around with YGOPro/DevPro, which is a free online dueling program. That way I can still play, build decks, and compete with friends, all without having to leave the comfort of my chair, and without chucking out hundreds of dollars on new cards. :P


I also still a huge fan of the anime series as well, as I'm actually currently marathoning the series in it's entirety. From Season 0 all the way up to Zexal, though I'm currently on GX (Jap./Subbed version), which is far, far better than I gave it credit for as a kid. I had already watched the original series when I was younger, so now just checking out all the newer ones I neglected to watch sooner. So yeah, I may have quit collecting the real cards, but I'm still very much in love with Yu-Gi-Oh! stuffs. :)

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Anyone else play competitively? I've been moving up in the ranks with both my deck and my approach to the game. I had been experimenting with some new strategies that most people thought was pretty bad, but the someone else had the same idea I had at a regional event ant topped with it. I manage to win tournaments quite often and I'm working toward earning an invite to nationals. Oh, I forgot to mention, I'm playing prophecy as of late, and I'm working on noble Knights for the next format.

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Just so y'all know, I could have just done this on reddit, but I strongly prefer to have it here, on this forum.

I'd be more than glad to give away some cards to whoever wants them [for their deck, their collection, or just the card's value].

But, of course, I'd like that Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End first

Also, if anyone's got an Exodia's Left Leg that they'd be trade, that be great [it's for a friend of mine, he's obsessing over it :3]

And we could just keep on having random Yu-Gi-Oh! discussions here too :D

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