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Hai, I'm new.


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Hai, so I'm new to MLP forums. Obviously I like MLP. I enjoy fanfiction writing, making jokes out of EVERYTHING, and making stopmotions. I'm glad to be here, because most of my pegasister friends irl don't know who Derpy is.


I live in the US, and LOVE Flufflepuff. I also love funny gifs.




Well, cya around!

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wooo! Welcome to MLP Forums Lywa :)

I hope you will have a great time here and make lots of new friends ^_^


hehe, gotta love that gif...

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Ello Lywa! Welcome to this absoloutley EPIC corner of the interwebz!


I'm sure you will have a great time here!


If you have any questions or if you just simply need someone to talk to, just message me! :3

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