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Fan Fiction A Night's Breeze (part 1) WARNING: Mature Content.


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WARNING: The following story contains mature subject matter (A highly detailed kiss). The recommended viewing age is 12-14+, however is not restricted to that. And I mean come on, if we own a TV this is nothing...





The night was dark, and the crickets were singing a harmonious tune- augmenting the darkness ever so slightly. There was a cold, mild breeze in the air, just enough to slightly displace the mane of anypony who decided to idle out-doors. But she stayed inside, surrounded by the silence and submitted by the harmony of the night- FlutterShy slowly fell into a deep sleep. All was peaceful until...

"Hey FlutterShy, you up!?" the voice of Rainbow Dash echoed throughout the house, making its way from the door to the shy pony's bed, interrupting her trance. "I am heading over to Pinkie Pie's dance party, ya in?"


"Well I-... I mean I guess we... Y-yeah, sure..." softly mumbled FlutterShy to no one in particular, self contemplating about her next action, before getting out of her bed and walking towards the door. Upon exposing the aperture covered by the polished, wooden door, she was greeted by the excited face of Rainbow Dash as she once again spoke:

"So you're in!?" she said blinking intensively three times afterwards and tilting her head slightly to the left before continuing to stare at FlutterShy; who then replied:

"Y-yeah... let's go..." She walked back inside for a moment to make sure noting was out of the ordinary, bid farewell to her pet Angel and walked outside with Rainbow Dash.

The two ponies walked along the dirt trail for a while. A gentle breeze in the night air made the trip more romantic for them, an the trail began to lead into a more urban part of Ponyvill. Entering the central part of the town, the calm and silence of the night was overwhelmed by the sound of music and a slight vibration of the ground. Pieces of dust and small pebbles were raised from the ground and almost instantly made their way back down, only to have the vibration once again ascend them.

Pinkie Pie's house finally came into view. The house was a haven for bright light, loud music and was the source of the vibration. The two ponies approached Pinkie Pie's home only to have FlutterShy stop ten meters from the door.

"Oh um... Th-this is quite loud... Maybe we should um... R-return to my place..." FlutterShy squeaked hesitantly, looking down as sher finished her suggestion. She turned her head and body to the left slightly, being the shy pony that she was, and this way shielded herself from a response from Rainbow Dash, assuming it would be negative.

"Oh come on FlutterShy, it will be fun." Rainbow Dash replied looking at the shy pony. She then spoke again: "But before we go inside...".

Rainbow dash extended her hoof and placed it under FlutterShy chin, using out to tilt her head up. This caused FlutterShy to blush slightly, look up and gaze into Rainbow Dash's eyes. The expression on both their faces became blank as they inched their heads towards eachother. Their lips met gently, locking in place. Rainbow Dash extended her tongue into FlutterShy's mouth, using it to feel the shy pony's tongue. FlutterShy released a soft moan as she relaxed her tongue, letting it be manipulated. Rainbow Dash used her right hoof to touch FlutterShy's left shoulder, afterwards gently massaging her entire left leg. This action made FlutterShy move closer to her lover and the affection bring displayed made her hind legs weak, causing her to collapse her lower body to the ground- sitting. She reached for Rainbow Dash's cheek with her right hoof, touching the soft skin. She then used her hoof to rub Rainbow Dash's neck carefully, later making her way towards Rainbow Dash's mane and brushing her hoof through it. Rainbow Dash exhaled through her nose, placing both her hooves onto the shy pony's shoulders, slightly squeezing her and bringing her closer. This made FlutterShy blush even harder as she allowed the other pony to effortlessly mover her. The two pony's minds cleared and their bodies became one, connected by the sheer love they were expressing, enough to end a war.

After their affectionate moment had passed, the two lovers exchanged a glare. FlutterShy was still blushing as both of them released the kiss and backed off. The moment had distracted them from the noise coming from Pinkie Pie's house and from the vibration of the ground.

"That was great, FlutterShy... Remind me about it after the party, 'kay?" Rainbow Dash exclaimed with an expression of satisfaction and ecstacy. She cracked a warm smile after completing her foreshadowing desire for thet love of her special somepony.

FlutterShy did not manage to reply to this request, paralyzed by the unexpected exchange of one's affection and continuing top blush, entranced by the recent experience. A nod is all the shy pony managed to express before relaxing her frontal legs and collapsing into her loved one with a hug. She squeaked- hardly audible through the noise, and hugged Rainbow Dash harder.

Rainbow Dash looked down at the dazed pony and hugged her back, showing a slight blushing and smiling with a very earn expression. She stroked the pink mane that was in contact with her warm body, only to make FlutterShy hug the rainbow pony even tighter and squeak again. The two lovers remained in theory position for some time before releasing the hug and smiling at eachother.

"I'm glad we..." FlutterShy managed to say. She then looked down, activity hanging her head and blushing yet again, her mane covering her face as she squeaked: "Did that...". After finished her delayed sentence, she smiled under her mane.

Rainbow Dash, hearing this and witnessing her girlfriend's status, closed the gap between them and rubbed FlutterShy's scalp with the side of her head affectionately. This caused the shy pony to look up at her life's love, then performed the same type of action, causing Rainbow Dash to feel contempt about their relationship. In that moment, the only thing that significantly mattered to her was to be reassured that FlutterShy was happy- that she was also contempt and to make sure she always would be.

After being sure that their live ment something rather important and unique, they approached the door of Pinkie Pie's house, later opening it and stepping in. The wetter greeted with strobe light, excessively loud music and multi colored lasers. Upon hearing difficult louder and more definitive note in the rave song that was playing, FlutterShy jumped and upon landing collapsed to the floor in a defensive ball, Squeaking softly as she did so. She brought her frontal hooves over her ears and tightly shut her eyes. She remained like this for some time, before looking up and noticing that her love had already dissipated into the croud. FlutterShy was frightened, once again retreating her head into a defensive position and slightly yelping at every single, loude, ear splitting note of the music. She was ultimately alone, and her recent memory was not enough to comfort her.

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