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Music Pentatonix


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You know, people sometimes ask me what artists I listen to and I just wish I could tell them




And they'd instantly understand and join me in amazing acapella music appreciation. 


Any other fans of this awesome group on MLPforums?

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Back before I had cable TV and I could only watch stuff OTA, I watched the acapella game show they competed on. All of those groups were just awesome. I mean, acapella groups are just awesome! :)


Pentatonix is an amazing group. I don't listen to much acapella music but what I've heard of them is just stunning

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Never heard of them until, but now that I have... Yep, I'll definitely be looking into pentatonix. Never, really listened to much acapella, but hey, things change.


And man, that really is a nice beard. Like, really, really nice.

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