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All discussion of the official licensed MLP comic series, both the main series and the micro comics goes here. (No fanon comics).
Like the comics, hate them, don't care, have a favourite comic? Then post a comment!  ppsurprise2.png
I'll get the ball rolling, I read the first comic in the series months ago online, but yesterday I found a link to all the comics online can't afford to buy them and I've since read the second one, and plan on reading the rest. 

Well I'll start by saying the use of colour and art style is awesome. At first I was offput by how wierd the characters looked in some panels, but then as I realized that unlike with the flash animation, because they are hand drawn there is not so much of a limit on how many expressions they have so you get some wierd but funny and expressive expressions on all the characters. (flash animation is still better of course as there is a lot of subtle stuff going on with the pupils and stuff that give the character life but I digress).

Story wise the comics seem to have a narrative that spans a series and the writing for all the characters is spot on, watch an episode then read the comic I had myself un-intentionally hearing the characters voices in my head. The story is interesting because it can focus on grand adventure in a different way than the actual cartoon. 

More could be said but I'll leave it there for now

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Since we have a new forum section for discussing the comics and other official MLP print media now, I will lock this topic. People are welcome to post new discussion topics there regarding the official MLP comics or any other official MLP print media. However, discussion of fanfictions or other fandom material should not take place there.

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