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Am I a videogame addict?


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While I was playing my 3DS at the dinner table tonight, mom interrupts me:


"Derek...don't you think you might be addicted to that thing?"


"Mom, please. Just give me a sec. You asked me to come to dinner right when I was in the middle of a boss fight, and I can't pause it. You have to be prepared for these kinds of things."


"I wouldn't have to be if you would turn off that f*cking toy every once in awhile."


"Don't call it a toy. It's a game console."


"Still a toy."


"Mom...just..whatever. You're making this out to be a bigger deal than it is."


"I think you're just in denial. You're addicted to videogames, and you can't admit it."


"Mom, I'm not addicted. Seriously. If I was addicted, I wouldn't have a life. I go to college, and I have a lot of friends."


"But all you do with your friends is play videogames."


"At least we're doing it together."


"It's still not healthy."


"If you think about it, games are just like books or movies, mom. Except better, because you can interact with them and influence the overall experience."


Mom just sighs, and takes her plate to the sink. I acted like I wasn't phased by what she said, but honestly, it got me thinking:


What if I am addicted to videogames? How would I even know that? I mean, I like playing games more than I like school or studying, but don't we all? And occasionally, I'd rather play a game than hang out with my friends, but all of us are like that sometimes. I play games for good portions of the day, but not so much that I neglect other people or obligations. I know I could be doing other things too in my spare time, but why should I? Gaming is a lot of fun. I mean, I could be doing more productive things like learning a skill like drawing, cooking, archery, etc., but none of those quite satisfy me as much as a game, and I bore quickly when I'm doing anything else. Is that a sign of addiction? Or is gaming just that much more entertaining and rewarding than any other hobby? At this point, I can't quite tell. What do you think?

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In general, I wouldn't get too worked up about it. But if you are concerned, I would recommend just spending and hour or two every week on some other activity that you find fun.


But overall, I don't think playing video games can be addictive. Having a good time doing what you want to do in your free time should be more important than what someone else thinks of your hobby.

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Your mom does has a point, however. It IS unhealthy to just sit in a room for hours staring at a computer, TV, or gaming console screen are hours. The same can go for movies and books, only movies have a larger screen and dimmer brightness in theaters, and books can be unhealthy too if read in the dark or extremely bright light. Still, they are not as unhealthy as video games.


Plus, it might be better to just go outside.


Don't get me wrong: I still play PC games with my friends and brother. But if you're not doing enough direct interaction, it will also be bad.

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@, yeah basically Cartophile here summed up anything I was going to say. I'm not gonna bother repeating the part about how too much of anything can be bad but  basically if it is actually taking over your life you might wanna do something else for a bit.

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I think you're addicted, (don't take any pony's opinion as proof, its the internet) I know how it's like to be addicted to games because I've been there. You'r mum has proven her point, you ARE in denial, I've been in your seat before and I know. Games are not bad, they are great entertainers, you have it wrong on books and television though, books can be just as entertaining (you're probably just being non-egghead)

and reality tv is awesome. I managed to get a grip and get off games, I sold my PS2 and all my games, (its not easy though).

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I honestly think something like this may vary depending on the person.


I think If it gets to the point where you start neglecting and shrugging off things that you know are more importuned its a problem.

A lot of times people get addicted to video games because they feel that it is a way of escaping what ever troubles they may have in IRL.


If it is really bothering you that much I would suggest taking up a second hobby and doing that from time to time instead of playing video games. 

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hmmm. you might be addicted. it definitely not an extreme case where it's gotten to the point where its ruined your life but its something.


as far as wanting to play games rather than hang out with people, that's just a bit of introversion which isn't a bad thing. introverts recharge best when alone or with a small group of friends


I would try to break up the time you spend on games with other hobbies that aren't related to games in some way


or you could try to make your own games. you'll never see them same way again =P

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