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My first sketch ever...(embarassingly amateurish, don't look here for quality)


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So this is my first time putting more than five seconds into drawing (even if you can't tell from looking at it that more than five seconds were spent). I've never taken art classes of any kind, and I'm a complete beginner with anything pencil related. But I got a sudden urge to learn, so I bought a sketchbook and a pack of pencils and went to work.


And this is the result. I know it's amateurish but I think I did okay for a first ever try.Thought I'd post it here as a way to sort of force myself to try to improve, and in a year or so if I actually get good I can come back and compare how far I've come :3


I'm told in IRC that you can tell it's a pony. So, it's a start!


edit: I just noticed I did her cutie mark wrong.


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It's a good first ever attempt. We all gotta start somewhere. Just remember, practice is very important. Don't get discouraged if your skills don't instantly progress. Keep at it and you'll get super awesome in no time. :)

(Bonus points for it being Pinkie Pie! She's my favorite.)

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Hey that's a good try for your first ever!!

Just remember the three P's:

Passion - You have to be having fun and WANT to improve

Practice - You have to keep trying and working on your art

Patience - While self-criticism is healthy, realize that you will not suddenly be great at it


Some tips:

- DON'T press your pencil hard into the paper. It will make lines hard to erase when you need to.

- While I admit hating this when I was a child, it's proven very helpful as I've gotten older; try and envision the character as a collection of shapes. Lightly draw a sort of "skeleton" to figure out the character's pose.

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