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OOC The Bloodline (OOC)

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Long ago, a man was born in a world of darkness and hate, and he was raised for the sole purpose of being a sacrifice to a false god. But he knew he was going to end it. But he couldn't do it alone. He needed the help of his bloodline, his kin, to face the false lord that ruled the land.

Now, you must assume the role of one of the bloodlines, and stop the false god, each in a different time period.

Do you have what It takes to stop the evil?



1. Don't godmod. Seriously, I will take you out if you godmod.

2. Be respectful of others. Self explanatory.

3. Respond within three days of your last post.

4. Have fun!


The Characters and their time periods

Kindlow- prehistory- OPEN!

Mugwam- Roman Empire- OPEN!

Siris- Medieval Era- super2379

Juglama- American Revolutionary War Era- OPEN!

Spinglo- American Civil War Era- OPEN!

Slingos- World War II Era- OPEN!

Sputnik- Present- Frosty V

Cerivra- 2099- OPEN!

Chagnalab- The End of The World- OPEN!


Here is the form-

Requested character:

Weapon (from time period of character):


So, that's about it, start entering! :)

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