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Neon Corona

Music Couple of Remixes I've done - Warning: Pokemon and Legend of Zelda Ahead!

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Well, here are a few of my remixes that I've done over the ages. They're made using only Audacity, so it ain't the kind of stuff you'd find on youtube by all those professionals. Sorry 'bout that. 

Vaati's Theme Remix.wav

Song of Healing Remix.wav

Vs Ghetsis BW2 Remix.wav

Melody of Love Remix.wav

Lugia's Lullaby V2.wav


There ya go everypony!!!


Edit: Oh, if ya download it, and like it, or don't like it, leave a comment or a something here. I love love love constructive criticism!

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Nobody's replied to this thread? Let's fix that. Now, I'm no music critic, but I can give it a shot.


  • Vaati's Theme - I haven't heard the original theme, so I can't comment much on how it compares. But I can say this: the quality sounds a bit raspy... was it from a Super Nintendo game or something? It kind of has that feel. Otherwise, the song didn't particularly stand out to me. I feel it needed a sort of instrumental oomph, something to make it more... exciting? Like a violin, or a piano, or an electronic sort of vibe. If you know what I mean.
  • Song of Healing - I HAVE heard the original on this one, and I have to say it doesn't really sound all that different from it. Once again, you kinda need this sort of OOMPH to make it stand out. Try picking a musical genre to convert a song into, to make it stand out more.
  • Vs. Ghetsis BW2 Remix - Yay, a Pokemon fan! You've kind of got the same problem going on here. Except now I can't really even tell much of a difference between the original and this remix.
  • Melody of Love - Has that same sort of raspy low qualityish problem as Vaati's Theme. Again, either from an older game? Or maybe some sort of technical issue? I can't tell you how to fix it, I'm afraid. Also, I haven't heard the original theme to this one either... but it's kinda short.
  • Lugia's Lullaby - Your best one. I have to say, I like how you slowed the theme down. It gave it a more majestic cinamatic feel, and honestly is more fitting.

Honestly, I'd also recommend finding a different music program if you can, one that is better suited for remixing. I can't really tell you which ones (sorry to be unhelpful like that), but I have used Audacity and I can't imagine it would be useful for... this sort of thing. @_@ Maybe someone else can prove me wrong though.


Now, I know, I know! You're no super professionaly person. So sorry if I sound a bit harsh. Just trying to help you improve is all. Continue on with the good work, and don't stop! You've got some potential going on here.

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