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Searching Ascendant [Fantasy/Dark]

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As the past did warn,
Death will raise its horn.
A tide of black strife,
such to drown the world.

But there will be one,
that brings conflict won.
His wrath a crimson wind,
such to dye black red.

Both anvil and forge
through which blood will course.
To break or to make,
such to birth a lord.

The world's one last king,
whose bells cannot ring.
A man who will rise,
and be Ascendant.

(The song of The End, the forgotten Folk Tale)


Forlorn is a land much as its name suggests, lonely and forgotten. Unlike some wastelands, it has always been this way. Never before in its existence has it ever seen the beauty of a sun-lit lake or the calm shade of a tree. But neither is it a place of death and misery. Despite the harsh conditions, it is a place of much life and adventure. Giant beasts, both passive and aggressive, wander the sand, stone, and sky. Though there are many ways to die in Forlorn, there are just as many if not more ways to live. The people, those that are sane, live in everything from fortresses to tents. Some travel endlessly, others let time pass by without a second glance. But all respect land, at least they do if they are sane. This is because Forlorn can at times seem to have a life of its own, mercilessly slaying those that abuse its valuable mercies.



You are one of those who live in the Forlorn wastes. All kinds live here, with seemingly limitless variations of skin, body, and mindset. Even a number of non-humanoids inhabit the land, alongside those who are nothing like them. There is never what one would call peace, the land is still too dangerous for it. But there is never war; there simply aren't enough people for it to work. Every death is a harsh blow to whatever community it occurs in. This is because there are many types of people, but not many of any kind.


Whatever your shape or profession, you will remember the 'Song of The End'. None of your peers, except for a select few (the players), will know it or that it has meaning. All others, even if they remembered, would and will discount it. This is because Forlorn has never had a ruler and in their minds never will. You will see the prediction of the first verse coming to pass, though you will be alone in your revelation. The best you will be able to do is to ride the black tide and hope to survive. If you are lucky, your sails will catch the crimson wind, and guide you to your destiny. If you live, the trials and tribulations will be the greatest thing you will ever face. Either you will emerge stronger, or die alone and unwanted. If against all odds, you arrive at the conclusion, the reward will still not be yours. You will share in the glory, power, and prestige, but even then you will only be riding on the coat-tails of the Ascendant. Then, and only then, will you make a decision that will shape the future of not only Forlorn, but the entire world and beyond.



1. Have fun.

2. Standards: No God Mod, Meta Gaming, Etc.

3. Arguments/Disputes in PM's at all times. (The GM or a Mod must preside over it.)

4. [Decided case to case] Literacy and comprehension are a must.

(That's it y'all.)


Character Creation


+Gender: (Where applicable.)

+Age: (Generalized, specifics not required.)

-Personality: (More of a reference point, as it can develop over time.)

+Description: (As much as is needed to get the appearance across. Picture or typed.)

-History: (As detailed or summarized as you want.)


(+'s are mandatory, -'s are optional.)



1. I am completely open to suggestions and commentary, so long as its respectful. (Though I don't guarantee that I'll use all of them, but I will certainly listen.)

2. I'd readily encourage any interested to help me develop this concept. I've got the base laid, but true quality requires multiple POV's!

3. As far as maturity level goes, site rules must be obeyed. Otherwise, go nuts. (So long as we eventually get to the destination~)

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Very Interesting. Very, very interesting. No doubt in my mind I will be applying to this roleplay. I'm assuming this is an equine based roleplay, but if it's not, simply let me know.


I will be supplying Artemis, unless your words prove otherwise.



Side note: I just realized how pompous I might have sounded with that application. Whoops! XD

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Regarding whether this will be a pony-rp or not: In all due honesty, I don't have much a preference. The way I have it (or I think I have it) set up is so that most any character at all could apply for this, be they equine or humanoid.


Edit: Also, Artemis is accepted. Nice to see a mercenary once in a while.

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Ooooh, another RP by higurashy. I quite like the last one of yours I was in ('Neath the Chestnut Tree, I believe it was). It's a shame it died. 
I think I'll sit out this time, as I don't believe I have any OCs that could work.

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The trend in this seems to be heading towards pony characters.
Well, to be fair, you did post it on a pony-related site.
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What Mint said. I, however, was gonna use a fairy.


Name: Bubblegum

Gender: Female

Age: 5 (in human years)

Appearance: pale skin, baby blue and light pink hair, blue eyes, clear wings, about a foot in height, and wears a light blue dress and opal necklace. Can grow to a human height (5ft) if wanted but would lose wings.

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