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Jamza - I know you will be here...



Haha  :lol:  You know me, my friend. I'm always here  :comeatus:

I absolutely ADORE this way of drawing ponies. I love it!  :wub:  We're Going For a Ride ('cause I'm assuming the idea stems from that one, correct me if I'm wrong though) is, in my opinion, the best MLP-related video in a long while. That would make an awesome addition on my wall, right next to Fluffles  ;)


So without any further ado, here's my official entry into the giveaway. Looking forward to seeing the other prizes too!

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Count me in! :) I loved how the Halloween giveaway turned out so I definitely look forward to how this is gonna turn out! Can't wait to see how the Pinkie Pie painting turns out! I freakin love that pony! :lol:

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This painting should be done here soon, and that leaves me with 5 more to do for the giveaway. I also need to pick up the other prizes, including blind bags, and maybe, if things work out, t-shirts.


Wait wait wait wait... Did I read that right?  :blink:


When you mentioned there was going to be more than one prize, I was thinking maybe two or three at the most... But... Is that a "5" I see there? So if my math doesn't fail (and it hardly ever does) that comes to a total of SIX paintings  :o


And if that wasn't enough, you're still going to put up more prizes??? And that's not gonna be just blind-bags but t-shirts as well?


Dude... Wow  :wacko:


I swear... Some day. Somehow. I'm going to come see you. I'm going to come to your door, knock, and when you open, I'm going to give you the biggest friggin' hug you've ever had... It might take years, yes. But I will. Just you wait.  :fiery:

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Sorry if this was covered already, but will you be giving out the prizes individually, or will one lucky user receive all ten? 

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