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My Little Pony : Friendship Is Better [HUGE Casting Call]

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Hello there person let me get to the point me and my friend decided to start a series this is going to be a animated parody series but to do this we need help and this help needs to be animators, voice actors, story writers, musicians, background artists the whole nine yards.


This animated is based of My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic for the most part it is the same the only difference is equestria is much more corrupted a lot like the real world is yet there is still magic and monsters and such. This may not seem like much of a difference but trust me it is it changes almost everything from how ponies react to each other and the problems they face the plot will be explained more if you make it sorry.



Voice Actors

Okay i need a couple of characters for this project i am already voicing a good bit of them but i still need help because i cant do all of them. Remember most the voices shouldn't sound like from the show make them your own also good mic quality is needed not to picky but there cant be any pops or background noise and such sorry. I am not giving any lines to read just read anything in the voice you want to do with passion.Also remember these roles don't have to be a certain gender most the Mane 5 sound like guys





Princess Celestia

This is not the same forgiving Princess you know nooo being a ruler of a prosperous land is hard work most ponies couldn't deal with the stress for one lifetime Celestia had to for thousands of life times this has made here pretty jaded there is no nonsense with this ruler and she is not so easy to forgive its always her way or the highway.



Nightmare Moon/Luna

Nightmare Moon must sound very evil and cunning after all she fooled the ever watchful Celstia Luna will sound a lot less evil but i still want a hint of cleverness in her voice.



Celestial Council

I just need two stuck up type ponies that are politicians.




Fluttershy has had a hard life living in the most poverty stricken areas in all of equestria she has learned to learn to get tough but her mama still told her to give ponies the benefit of the doubt so she is a great friend but life in poverty has made her(a black man voice might be needed you decide)




Very stuck up and snooty she does need to be a girl voice probably British accent she thinks she is better than everypony even the princess.



Pinkie Pie

she has a extreme addiction to addictions being drugs or not no more explanation needed make her your own.



Sweetie Belle

Very awkward and air headish.




Huge fanpony.



Thats all for now just audition even if you don't think you can do a voice for these i still need backround ponies and most the voice actors are going to be reused in other roles. Thank you




I'm looking for everything from animators to artists to back round animators/artist character designers all you have to do is use this for a reference http://i.imgur.com/HMiLyES.jpg and do with it what you like that its some what of what the characters are going to look like you can use this to animate it draw a whole body for it improve it draw it i a certain setting or draw a setting for it make other characters based off it doesn't matter just show you skills.




Just send me some previous work show me that you belong sorry.



Story Writers

Just write something or send me something you already wrote prove your skills but remember this series is a comedy but at the same time there needs to be touching and sad moments plus suspense and such.



That is all for now me and my friend 3dub5 are going to supervise everything but don't let that discourage you this is going to be a team project everyone gets their credit and everyone must work together also I think i won't put a dead line yet i want to see what comes in first then when I think it's time put a deadline. I understand that i am mostly going to get VAs from here so that's why I am asking you to spread the word please to anyone you think may or may not be interested. If you are not sure you have a voice for these roles but you still think you are good at Voice Acting and you have good mic quality then audition anyways all the voices up here can be subject to change if I find a voice I like for it better then my idea plus I still need back round ponies.


Send all your auditions to drguthrie2859@gmail.com thank you and good luck i will try to answer back to all the auditions if you have any questions just post them in a comment below good luck sorry if i was to mean or strong during this and good luck to you.


congratulations to the cast so far at this moment theses are the people who I have casted and their parts are no longer open but don't worry their are still some parts still open plus we still need people to fit the other positions.


Princess Celestia : [OPEN]


Luna/Nightmare Moon : ZeeWhiteWolf


Celestial Council : QuiBears and Matthew Garland


Fluttershy : [OPEN]


Rarity : Suteki


Pinkie Pie : [OPEN]


Sweetie Belle : ZeeWhiteWolf


Chicken(Scoots) : Wynteris


Surprise Big Mac : Yoshino


(Stephan Pace "Space" has made a part in future roles so add me on skype as well)


Artists : 1. Suteki 2. WE NEED MORE ARTISTS


Animators : NONE


Writers : 1. Kayan? 2. Newburn3 3. We need so much more.


Music : 1. Yoshino(Lyrical) 2. LOVE ME


Congratulations if you made the list above please add me on skype my username is DrGuthrie


We were mentioned on equestria daily here is the link scroll down and you should see the video I posted of some of the voices that are going to be in the show.



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