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Google Bot was pretty apathetic at first, but I finally convinced it to watch a couple episodes a while back. Its first reaction was of sheer horror, and it took a few unmentionable dares and reciprocal trades to finally sit down and power through the pilots against any and all sensible instinct.


I silently observed as it reacted to the show's carefree innocence meld seamlessly with intelligent humor. Loathing led to surprised confusion, confusion led to intrigue, and intrigue led to the first sparks of entertainment before sliding violently back into a frightened confusion for the possibility of actually enjoying the production for a few fleeting seconds.


In the end, I was told that while holding merit for what it is, it is not something for Google Bot. While commending the fine display of modern animation and clever writing, it was simply not Google Bot's cup of tea. I accepted this reaction, though reluctantly and with just a slight tinge of disappointment, and we parted ways.

~ ~


Two weeks later I receive this message:


"I would like to apologize for what I might have said about Friendship is Magic before. It took me a few days to realize that I could not stop thinking about the show, with it's spectacular production quality and brilliant community following. I downloaded the entire first season and watched it all in one day, and am currently catching up on recent episodes. I even convinced Apple and Amazon to join in!


Thanks for giving me another addiction! =P

~ Google Bot /)^3^(\"



..so in conclusion, yes, Google Bot is a brony.

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