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Hello, everypony!

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I've been aware of this new convention starting up for a month or so, and - since I'm located just north of the 49th in Maple Ridge, BC (and work downtown in Vancouver - actually about 10 minutes walk from DHX/Studio B) - would very much like to get involved in helping out.


I'm certainly no stranger to convention staffing; I've been helping out at conventions since 1998 and have worked in a variety of positions - all the way down from registration & dealers rooms right up to exec & chair levels. So here I am, offering my services Everfree NorthWest - please make use of me! =D


That aside, I'm also involved in one of the many MLP:FiM roleplaying MU*'s out there. I'm one of the wizzes on the Equestrian Dawn MUSH.


So... yeah. Hi!

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