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Hello fellow Pony lovers

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Hello, Tzelly here. Thought I should introduce myself for I am not only going to Everfree but got a table at the AA.


I live locally here in the green rainy state of Washington and I am so glad that there is a pony convention right in my back yard. (well, its an hours drive from where I am but that's better then a plan ticket)


I can continue to just bauble on random facts about myself, but personally I don't think that will really be that great of an introduction. As an artist I like to use my art to do the talking otherwise all I say seems like nonsense to me.


So if your interested take a few moments to check out my DA account.


If you are interested to know what I am planing on selling, here are some of the items I have planed.


- Prints

- buttons

- Paintings

- Copic drawings

- Calenders

- hand made tiny pony blankets


All not set in stone but that's what i got at the moment.


I also plan on dressing up as Business Fluttershy. (for Fluttershy is the best pony to me)


Anyways, nice to meet you all and I really cant wait until August! :D

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Greetings and well met from the dry end of the state, tzelly! :P

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