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Creativity problem


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I long ago set my sights on a fan-fic called Rift-trotter. It was based on a cross between the borderlands and MLP universe, but I dropped it because I didn't have the time.


I was reminded a few days by the release date set for borderlands 2, so I picked it back up.


But I have unfortunately hit another roadblock.

I can't type very well, and I'm not the best story teller.


I swear the story seems amusing (to me at least), but when ever I try to put it to paper, It doesn't feel just right.


I would really love some advice on this topic, I was thinking maybe something along the lines of a audio-book or something, I just have no idea what to do.

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Dude, take a walk and try to clear your thoughts a bit.


Always works for me.


If would recommend something it'd be this, When you clear your mind and go out for something like a walk, ideas just tend to flow better :P
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If you are calm and let your mind only focus on your story even that helps! If you read lots of books, you notice techniques writers use. One notable thing is description. You describe what you want the reader to see and give them an idea of what they are looking at. Writing with a profesional speech type is important too. If you use more profesional words and avoid abreviations thats already improving!

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