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Earth Pony Terri


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Name: Terri

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Species: Earth pony


(See picture below) [Picture by me]


Cutie Mark:

Symbol from the nomad tribe she's from.


Timid, shy.


This is Terri, she is an Earth Pony from the wild-lands outside of Equestrias Border's. Her Tribe (Whose symbol is Terri's Cutie Mark) where all killed in a storm. She was the only survivor of her people.

She now is living as a refugee on the borders of the evergreen forest, in a simple Hut provided by Miss Mayor.

She lost her eye's in an accident when she was a filly, and as such unable to open her eyelids. She has enhanced sensory functions and can with ease navigate her way around based on touch, smell and the sounds.


Her people where a Normatic in nature who lived a simple life as Gather's. This gene pool of ponies do not naturally produce Cutie Marks, but rather at a young age, receive a tattoo on their flanks demonstrating which tribe they come from.




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