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Who would they support?

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So this has been on my mind, but I thought I would submit this to the forum:


Which professional sports team(s) would the Mane Six be fans of?



Twilight Sparkle would follow mostly LA teams given that Tara Strong is from LA and most team nicknames/colors would fit the character's interest. So I came up with this:


NBA: LA Lakers

NHL: LA Kings

MLB: LA Dodgers

NFL: Baltimore Ravens (since there is no NFL team in LA, yet)

MLS: LA Galaxy

WNBA: LA Sparks


Feel free to give reasoning behind your thoughts. You can also add EPL/European teams to the argument if you please.

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I'm just gonna throw in that Rainbow Dash would be a Liverpool fan since she's incredibly loyal.

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LA, Shmellay.



Twilight: Orlando Magic

Applejack: San Antonio Spurs

Fluttershy: Beats the hell out of me. One of the animal teams.

Rainbow Dash: Oklahoma City Thunder maybe.

Rarity: Again, tough. Sacramento Kings? She does love royalty.

Pinkie: Utah Jazz perhaps. She is a very musical pony.



Twilight: Not a flipping clue. New England Patriots, because of her adoration of her monarch? Actually, that's a little ironic if you think about it...

Applejack: Houston Texans, because no one in their right mind roots for the Dallas Cowboys.

Fluttershy: Lots of animal teams to choose from but for some reason Miami Dolphins seems to jive with her. She doesn't know that dolphins rape.

Rainbow Dash: Denver Broncos! 'Cause she's a wild buckin' mare. Or the Jets because she likes to go fast in the sky... Or the San Diego Chargers, ' stuff. :|

Rarity: She is not fond of games with such RUFFIANS, but since she must choose, she does appreciate the Fleur de Lis of the New Orleans Saints, and she does like precious and rare metals like the 49ers of old.

Pinkie: Tampa Bay Buccaneers, because she thinks it would be fun to be a pirate!


I can't go on.

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