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Now that I finally grabbed my badge...

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Hi, everypony! I'm 206-Ginge, or Ginge for short. My fellow Seaddle bronies probably noticed that the number is my username comes from our area code, and the second part comes from the fact that I'm a ginger. So, there's that explanation out of the way.


My main contribution to the brony community is the small-time fanfiction operation I'm running over at I spend a lot of my free time hanging out in various IRC channels (most of them brony-related) and looking at EqD for no good reason, really. Well, I guess ponies are a reason. Still, when I've refreshed for the tenth time in five minutes and gotten nothing new back I do wonder why I'm doing what I'm doing.


In my less-Internet-based life, I'm a high school student in North Seattle. I act in shows, do stage crew for shows, am a member of an Improv team, and I also am attempting but failing to learn Japanese. My other interests include a sad devotion to all things Seattle sports, from the tear-inducing Mariners to the cheer-inducing Sounders. I also am somewhat of a sports hipster, and I enjoy watching obscure sports like rugby or water polo.


In other news, my friend was also trying to grab one of the second-wave badges, but failed to do so, so I'm flying solo to this con. Hope to meet a lot of local bronies while I'm there, and I'm counting down the days until August!

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