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Thank goodness I made it!

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Hello, fillies and gentlecolts! I joined this forum a week or two ago, but I refrained from actually participating because I missed out on the first ticket sale, and I actually wanted to make sure I was coming before I started making friends here. Thankfully, I was on the ball the second go-around, so I'll be able to make it!


My name is Aaron Siebenga, and I am from Surrey, BC. However, online I am more well-known as Fisherpon. Those of you who are from the Tumblr sector of the fandom (Tumblrpon) may know me as one of the fellows who posts pony images, music, and news from around the ponynet. I have made many valued friends on tumblr, some of which I hope to meet in real life for the first time at this convention. If you know me from Tumblrpon or from Skype (where I use the same name as on Tumblrpon), please, let me know so that I know who to look out for!


I will be bringing along a good friend of mine who, although he isn't a 'brony' yet per se, is open to the idea. Hopefully this experience will make his ponification flow a bit faster.


I'm thinking of cosplaying at EFNW, but I haven't decided exactly who I want to cosplay as. I've narrowed it down to either Big Mac, Discord, or a genderswapped Photo Finish. Big Mac would be the easiest (given my build and complexion), Discord would be the funniest to be, and Photo Finish would allow me to take photographs. You see, I am also an amateur photographer, and I would like to get pictures of the cosplayers/voice actors/other interesting things at the con. However, being in cosplay would keep me from doing that... unless I cosplayed as a character known for being a photographer. I'm still not sure what sort of costume I could use for him, though.


I'm sure I'll figure it all out eventually. See you all at the con!

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