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Hello all!

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Just wanted to say "hi" to everypony now that I got my forum account.


I am student at OSU, but despite that I haven't managed to meet any bronys IRL (well I did see one guy in a spike hat); so I am excited to get to meet lots of people at Everfree. If you need someone to hang out with between events or for late night parties at the Marriott just give me a holler. I will probably be waiting in a 3 hour line to get Tara's autograph :D Though before that I will have to get a twilight trading card for her to sign (hope there are packs for sale)


My friends introduced me to Memebase but somehow I was the only one who was curious enough to check out the brony section. I gave in eventually and watched an episode and the next day when season 1 was all finished I realized I was a brony, lol. With how much fun the community, episodes, art, comics, fics, and the creators are, how could anyone not be a brony?

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