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Hey, everybody.


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I'm Justin (that's all the name you're getting) and I've been in the fandom for about two years now.

I'm pretty excited, this is going to be my first convention, I'm going with a friend I met in my acting class who actually was the first brony friend I made. I've been in the fandom for a while but I'm only just now starting to make friends because of it.

Now when I said "first convention" I really meant it. I haven't been to Comic-Con, I haven't been to E3, I haven't been to PAX, EFNW will be my first Con for anything ever. Man, if I could go back just one year and tell myself that my first Con would be a brony-con, especially since at that time I was just getting comfortable with being a brony, my past-self probably would've re-thought his life...

But I didn't, now I'm really invested in the show and the fandom, more invested than I thought I would be, time weighs heavy on us all, huh?

And you know what?

I'm pretty content.

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