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Hello thur


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Hello fellow ponies and bronies! Was wandering around the internet the other day and came across this place!


Anyhow just saying hay! Also a side note: in my economics class we had to write a childrens book and incorporate some economics terms and lessons in it. I based mine around MLP FiM! B)

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Welcome to the forum! I'd actually like to hear a bit more about how you integrated FIM into that economic assignment.


Well for the assignment we were given 6 words, 3 random ones and 3 random economics terms. I got (for random) Unicorn, Unicycle, and any Celebrity Guest, and (For the terms) Shortage, Law of Supply, and Want. So I had Twilight search far and long for a unicycle store because there was a shortage of them. I decided for the store owner to be George Lopez. I had to photoshop George Lopez into screenshots of episodes with only Twilight in it. Then I had to read it. Was fun!

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