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Hey all! I go by the (perilously unoriginal) Pixel, roundabouts here. I was the artist for My Little Pony: Roleplaying is Magic, season 2 edition, and I'm also illustrating the season 3 edition as well! I'm going to be staffing the PonyMUSH booth at Everfree this year (I was there last year too!) and doing table commissions.


I also draw a (rated R, not at all pony-related) comic called Walking on Broken Glass, and spend most of my time drawing stuff. Because stuff is fun!


How're you all doing? :D

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Hehe yeah... For me.. I'm busy working in retal (help me) and trying to get REALLY REALLY REALLY hardcore studying to make video games in Unity. And trying to fit video games in it. Social life? Twilight Sparkle Social.


Can't wait to see PonyMUSH here at everfree again~

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