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neigh (new vendor whoa whoa)

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hi guys!!

i'm skye, i am basically rarity, i live in portland, and this is gonna be my first time at everfree!! i've been to 11 cons so far and i'm excited to be able to add everfree to the list.

i'll be selling plushies and charms in the artist's alley, and i'm so excited!!! it's gonna be a blast. aside from the mane six, let me know which ponies you'd like to see me sell!!♥ i'd love to get an idea of what you guys would want~

i cosplay fluttershy (and sailor scout!fluttershy! some of you might have seen me at sakuracon), pinkie pie, rarity, vinyl scrath, and photo finish! i'm so excited to be able to meet and cosplay with other pony fans!!!♥

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Hi, welcome to the forums! Wowee, that's a lot of cons. I was going to ask for a link to your work, but I see it's already in your signature. Pony on!

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