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Old soul, new name!


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Hi Everypony,

So...for a while I was going by RainbowShy (been pretty active on the boards - probably noticed me) but I finally made my own original OC and will now be known at TwinkiePon. I couldn't figure out how to change the name on my old account so I made a new one.

My avatar there is my OC. Her cutie mark is a quill and ink because I happen to be a writer (it's my special talent). The name stems from my nickname in high school "twinkiemon" based on my love of Twinkies (RIP little snack cakes) and Pokemon. I just changed the 'mon' to 'pon' for 'pony.' :)

You might see the name RainbowShy floating around the convention perhaps in panels or in the con book, but rest assured from here on out I will be the TwinkiePon!

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