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What are you doing in your sparetime?

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Watch YouTube, play video games, listen to music, etc.

Forums, ponies, video-games such as Skyrim and Starcraft II at the moment. Models, historical stuff, a certain Tumblr account that may or may not be Ask Molestia... and more!

I don't have any spare time   I mostly play guitar/mandolin/piano, lurk on the Internet, play video games or work on some pony-related project I have.

Watching Youtube, listening to music, recording some music to tape, watching TV shows or movies, repairing/modifying something, building some amplifier, working on my car, doing something to my servers, reading mlp fanfiction.

EDIT: Forgot that I also sometimes play computer games.

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3 minutes ago, Splashee said:

You are not the only one

Yea, there are a few of us, especially on some other non-pony forum (I won't advertise).

I have a tape deck in my car and use it a lot :twismile:, in addition to the cassette and open reel decks I have at home. And some cassette walkmans (walkmen?), after all, I sometimes want to listen to music when not at home, work or in my car.

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@Pentium100 I like to record newer music on tape, then use one of those mobile cassette decks with one big speaker that runs of LR20 batteries, attach it to my bicycle and go on a ride in the late evening. What a feeling! You can hear the bass and the battery time lasts for a long time, compared to just playing mp3's on your iPhone.

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@Splashee I don't like touchscreen phones, so I don't use one (though I can play mp3 on my phone it's a bit inconvenient). I listen to music using headphones with the walkman. It's also nice to play some good tape while driving on the highway (especially at night).

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