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Everfree 2013 was pretty cool, but I feel that I need to be more than just an attendee because I do a lot more in the fandom than just 'enjoy' things.


So, the handle I'm known by is Pix3M. In this fandom, I'm a couple of things - an artist, and an art critic. As an artist, I've been heavily specialized in pixel art. Outside of the fandom as an artist, you could *probably* say I'm a professional. As a critic, out of every pony-centric group on deviantART, I mod the toughest one out there and it's much tougher than Equestria Daily's drawfriend.


I know I'm very early for poking around about 2014, but I do hope to be able to take on a bigger role for next year. I hope to become a vendor for the 2014 convention, but if that isn't quite an option then I can hope to at least volunteer somehow, preferably in the artistic department somehow. I can guess we're short on art panels if the drawing tutorial was jam packed. Everyone wants to make good stuff but sometimes we don't always know how. :lol:


I'm also a local here. I live in Seattle proper.


I hope to be able to poke back occasionally to see if anything pops up because I'm currently all fired up to move somewhere in life. Anyways, hope to see you all at 2014!

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In order to have a Vendor table, all you have to do is purchase one! I have no idea when tables will go on sale, but as soon as you pay for the space, you can use it at the con. As for an artist panel, well... panels are just on a volunteer basis. At the right time, Events will start accepting panel submissions. All you have to do is submit and wait! You can also volunteer at the con, as a staffer! We were talking staff even at registration at con this year. is the correct link, once we start hiring again. As for the other stuff, watch the News page on the Everfree site for udpates!

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