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Hi, BUCK convention staff member here!

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Hi, everyone! I've just returned from my first convention, BUCK 2013, where I was staff. It was a fantastic time, so I thought I'd join the forums of other conventions too!


See, I'm moving back to the States in a week. I grew up in Detroit, and after 8 years in Britain that's where I'm returning to.

I'm hoping to volunteer at as many conventions as I can, and I promised a lot of the guests at BUCK (such as AcousticBrony) that I'd try my best to make it to Everfree and see them again.


So, I'm just here to say hello. I'd also like to know when it'd be possible to volunteer for staff at Everfree.


So.... Hi! Ask me anything about BUCK, too. :D

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At the moment, we're not opening volunteering for EFNW 2014 staff... The reasons why are long and boring. If you want to know when we do open, check the social media services at the bottom of the main page, and track/follow them.


What is much less boring is YOU! What did you do for BUCK? What's your day job? What other interests/accomplishments do you have to your credit?

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Well.... at BUCK, I was officially a steward for the ground floor, which basically consisted of the entrance, bar, seating area, and one small event room. As it turned out, I was needed very little as a steward, because we had two other people watching the floor and the security team was also there. I was basically doing any job that needed doing. Fixing problems, and running events.

I got to help out in the Legends of Equestria panel, demonstrating the game's features on a projector screen. The crowd made me make a Scootaloo character names Scoots McNugget, whose cutie mark was an eggplant. So that was great. The LoE developer in charge of the panel, Kathryn, also made all the art for the BUCK: Legacy card game (which you should totally go look up). I commissioned a Lyra painting from her, too. We hung out a bunch.

When the stuff from the BUCK livestream finally goes up on YouTube, take a look at the Closing Ceremony. Not only does it end awesomely, but it starts awesomely too. And the way it starts was my idea. I won't spoil it unless you ask me to. xD

The other thing I had to do was run what we called the Silent Auction. After the actual auction there was a lot of things unsold because we ran out of time. So, Ruth and I set them up at the front desk with some starting bids. People came, put their bid on a post-it, and stuck it over the previous one. Then, I had to call everyone who had won, which sucked and took forever.

There was a LOT of other stuff, too. Like, I've walked up and down the three biggest mountains in Scotland, England and Wales (Ben Nevis, Scaffel Pike and Snowdonia) and my legs have NEVER hurt so much as this weekend.


It was fun, (FUN. FUN. FUN. FUN.) though. Today was a real shock having nothing to do. And being able to eat before 9 pm. So I went and bought frames for all my stuff.


Accomplishments? Aside from being pretty good at math and physics, not a whole lot. Agressive inline is something I do pretty well. BUCK was my first job if you don't count a really shitty unpaid office work experience gig.

By the end of it, I kind of noticed that a lot of the other crew members were looking to me to make decisions, though, which is kind of weird. This weekend was the first time I've ever really had to take charge of things on a regular basis, and apparently I did it pretty well.


That's why I REALLY want to work at other conventions. Especially Everfree, because I promised Ed of AcousticBrony that I'd meet him again as soon as I could, and he said Everfree was the con he'd be at next.

I do really want to be back at BUCK for 2014, though. We'll see what happens.


I'll definitely follow Everfree on the social media, though. If I don't get on staff I don't think I can afford to go xD

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Hi there! Welcome to the forums! I also quite enjoy volunteering at conventions, and I'd do it a whole lot more if travel wasn't expensive or if I was rich. Neither of these things are true, but even so there are quite a few local cons in Washington that aren't difficult to get to.

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