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I was just recently watching "A tale of one shadow (

) by NatashaSolitude, and I was wondering, "What if Sombra wasn't always evil, and originally had a lover?" I decided to make a script for an episode, using the video, with permission from Natasha, as a background for Sombra's return and redemption....

Please comment on what you think about this. Changes are on-going, so check back often. Also, be sure to look at my script "Thirty Moons Under Ares" here on MLP forums.


Here is the URL to the script: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TfU59CxsmXV69PaLzkIDyR5RhRDlCf6z0aiP1JI1R84/edit?usp=sharing


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You used a reference for the Crystal Ponies? That's nice to see you're not just shoving random OC ponies in there.

Well from what I've read so far, this could make a pretty decent episode. It has potential, indeed.

Thank you. Are there any criticisms that you have? Things that need changing?

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I'm not a critic or an editor, I just thought it was good in my opinion.

I know. I just generally ask for constructive criticisms. It always helps me with improving my current and future scripts.

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