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Feedback Possible Bug (Minor)

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Hello coders,


So in the "edit mode" of a song on, I originally uploaded a song without checkmarking the "vocals" tab. img-2080470-1-tumblr_mxdho09iGG1rqhu5mo2

Now I said, "Well that's okay, I'll just checkmark it and save changes, right?"


And so I saved the changes. However, upon returning to the edit section for the particular song, the vocal checkmark isn't showing up, even after clicking "save changes." The checkmark next to "Is Vocal" is still unchecked, and this is the "bug" I'm having.



Of course when looking at the song from an outsider, the song is clearly marked that it's a vocal song. The shaded mic says so.




Is that correct, for when you upload a vocal song and checkmark it, the checkmark disappears? Because for some of the other checkmark boxes, those seem to stay after refreshing the page. . .



but the checkmark with "Is Vocal" still is left unchecked.


Looked through the bug list and it seems that this hasn't been mentioned yet, so hopefully I've given enough detail for you guys to check out. :)

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