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Tiger Woods thinking of becoming a Navy SEAL...

Akemi Homura

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I saw this on the news just recently. Apparently, that big golfer who cheated on his wife a few years ago is thinking of dropping golf to become a US Navy SEAL... what do you guys think about this? I found it kind of funny, lol.

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Aren't those guys uber 1337?

I think he'd fail miserably.

but I also think is just be a rumor.

pics or it didn't happen.

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Tiger Woods: 36 years old

Naval enlistment cutoff age: 34


Posted Image


I was just thinking the same thing.


Apparently it's based on the account of Hank Haney, Woods' former swing coach, who just wrote a book on Woods. Tiger has neither confirmed nor denied having any interest in joining the Navy SEALs, but, from the sound of it, the event took place several years ago.

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