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I change my style cuz I do what I want!


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So I felt a bit tired of the way I drew ponies and experimented with a different style. I've always liked this style, but all my previous attempts were major flukes. Here's Applejack's head. Was way too lazy to do the body. :muffins:




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Not bad. I like the fuzzy hair, something about it just looks cool. The muzzle on this one seems a bit long, I'm not sure whether or not that is a part of the style. Your previous style was more cute, but this looks pretty cool.

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I really like it..! :)

It has a realistic feature, and yet, it still has some cartoonish features!

I really like the eyes.. :)

Everytime I see a drawing, I always look at the eyes first `

same here! Eyes are always what I look at first. xD and thank you! :D

I like it, I like the old style a little more (just a little) I still like this realistic-like style.

I'll still do my old way of drawing them sometimes if you'd like. :)
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