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Would evil Ponies be more powerful than canon Ponies?


Would evil Ponies be more powerful than canon Ponies?  

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  1. 1. Would evil Ponies be more powerful than canon Ponies?

    • Canon Ponies would be weaker than evill Ponies.
    • Canon Ponies have friendship, meaning they can make friends with other species to defeat their evil counterparts.

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Goood and evil is subjective, blah blah blah.


Would evil Ponies be more powerful than canon Ponies from another parallel universe that act the complete opposite to canon Ponies from the show act?


Such as Fluttershy as the element of cruelty in this parallel universe.


Elements of Harmony, replaced by the Elements of Hatred. And hated is what Celestia and Luna teach their subjects. 


In a universe where Ponies believe they are the master race (Act like the Borg/Reapers from Mass Effect/Naizs) and view every other race as inferior and must die. Naturally this would mean they are far more warlike than their canon counterparts.


But would friendship win in the end, due to canon Ponies power of making friends with other species? 

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Evil ponies believe in war and are more violent than canon ponies but, canon ponies are willing to make alliances and make friends with other species to fight their evil counterparts. The canon ponies would win in numbers, maybe even in power.

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Depends on what you mean. I mean, you DO get stronger if you're angry, so the Evil ponies should be stronger for being aggressive. However, since we talk about ponies here I think the normal ponies would win anyways because good always defeats evil, friendship, love, magic blah blah. You know :P

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Well, i have to say the  Cannon good ponies would win.


Friendships and alliances aren't to be underestimated, unless the evil ponies were incredibly powerful, they can only do so much damage if the good cannon ponies are able to make friends and alliances and thus have many more numbers then the evil ponies, and maybe with just sheer numbers they'd win.


So i'd say Cannon ponies would win. Unless evil ponies have some insanely crazy powerful stuff.


Friendships are not to be underestimated as the show reminds us ;p.

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Your talking about a world of distrust there. One where hatred is not reviled, but openly celebrated and embraced. I could only see the world your describing as one where everypony is only out for their own self-glory or personal interests, but as others have already stated there would that they may be physically more powerful, yet they probably would lack any sizable force because of there aggressive tendencies. 

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