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Whats that one song!?!

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Does anypony here know what that one song that played during the first trailer for Equestria Girls is? If you dont know what im talking about look up trailer 1 for the movie, it plays in the background. I've been trying to find this song since the movie was announced! And its not even in the movie or soundtrack!? Anywho, if you guys know anything please tell me.                                                                  btw i would give you a link but i cant do that on my phone. :blink:

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Do you mean the song in this trailer?




A Google search containing the lyrics normally finds songs like these, but everyone seems just as clueless as each other. Daniel Ingram was probably the writer - it might do well to send him a Tweet.

Yeah thats the song! hmmm your probably right a tweet might be my best bet. This song will be on my ipod  :okiedokielokie:

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