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Other races Cutie Marks?


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Soooooooo, Ponies, male and female get Cutie marks....old hat, we all know this.


Zebras get Cutie marks it seems, look at Zecora!!


Soooooooo, why no Griffon Marks, Mule marks? And don't give me that "they are other races " crap! Zecora is another race!!! A Zebra! 

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Well the griffon's not having cutie marks I can understand.

They aren't equine in any way.


But the fact that donkeys and mules lack them is a bit odd.

But maybe it's just that THAT species of equine doesn't have cutie marks.

Like how cheetahs are cats, but they can't retract their claws.

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Maybe the mules in the series never found their destinies? :P


And as for griffons... They aren't equines... At least... They aren't fully equine...

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Good question. I don't know.  :muffins:


I will say that in one of the comics a pony makes a comment about how stallions cutie marks should have a different name, like "Manly marks" or something. I thought it was interesting that they addressed that. 

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