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Twilight Cutie Mark Speculation.

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At the end of season 3, we learn that cutie marks have a relation with destiny. BUT, in cutie mark chronicles we saw how Twilight got her cutie mark. How did that have in any way part of her destiny? also, and this makes this post more exciting aren't you supposed to know what your destiny is when you get your cutie mark? Twilight had absolutely NO CLUE on what her destiny was!



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That's the thing. Her cutie mark showed that she would one day she would be very skilled in magic from, studying and it takes a while to know your destiny until you actually get your cutie mark. Cutie Marks have two different interpretations, the first one can be to find your special talent and to find what you're truly meant to do.

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Twilight's cutie mark is a star with other little stars.


The mark has multiple meanings, the most common being that her cutie mark represents magic, which is what was intended.


Another meaning is that the big star is Twilight and the others are her friends, representing friendship. I believe she got her mark from the sonic rainboom that gave everyone their cutie marks, combining their destinies together, as friends. In the near future, Twilight found her friends, and this would fit with your 'destiny' idea. Twilight Sparkle's 'destiny' was to meet her friends and actually fit in with them, rather than being a social outcast, seeing to herself only.


Or, you know, it just means magic and that she has pro magic skills.

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