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Hello! Just Joined/Became A Brony

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Welcome to the forums, I became a brony after my friend showed me a video that got me interested in the series.

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That's good.

I think I'll like it here, however getting around the site will be confusing for a day or two. I;ll get used to it eventually. 

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Hiya. How you doin?

I became a brony because I used to watch G3 MLP when I was younger. I decided to try to find out if they had any G3 episodes on iTunes, but they only had MLP:FIM. So I decided to check out a few episodes on YouTube. By the time I knew it, I watched seasons 1&2.


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We got Games, Art, RolePlays, OC creating, Show Discussions, and stuff that is BEYOND EQUESTRIA!...mainly it's just people like us who like making friends on a website that anyone can get to. Enjoy your stay bro! /)

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A big brotherly welcome to the forums DubPony!

How did I become a brony? Well I'm going to go ahead and place most of the blame credit on the artist of VGcats for being the final tipping point with his a few of his comics and recommendations for watching it. (That and being very bored one day) :huh:

But anyways, I trust you'll have an awesome time here mate. No, seriously. I'm trusting you. (Don't let my down)

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Hello there and welcome! hope you have a good stay ;) 


Feel free to PM me / add me if you need help or want to chit chat! =]

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