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We got Games, Art, RolePlays, OC creating, Show Discussions, and stuff that is BEYOND EQUESTRIA!...mainly it's just people like us who like making friends on a website that anyone can get to. Enjoy your stay bro! /)

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A big brotherly welcome to the forums cutiemarkcrusader844!

Wow, that name is way too long... I'm just gonna call you... "Sadey" :lol:

It'd be nice to know some random info about our new members just to give us something to comment on but I suppose that intro will suffice all the same. (I GUESS)

Hope you have an awesome time here Sadey!

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Hey, thanks for the warm welcome, you guys!!! That made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! *giggles*


I think my favorite pony in the mane six has to be a tie...I absolutely love Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash! I love Fluttershy because she is so sweet and kind, and I love Rainbow Dash because she is so bold and daring!


As for the princesses, I think I like Princess Luna the best...I am a night owl, so I can relate the most to her!


For the Cutie Mark Crusaders, I adore Sweetiebelle. I love to sing, and her voice is amazing!


For the other ponies, I love Cheerilee! I wish she was my teacher lol!


Big Brother, I LOVE that nickname! Sadey is awesome! As far as something random goes, I like wild game better than domesticated meat. I have tried elk, deer, bear, buffalo, and even alligator! (I also am a very adventuresome eater!!!)


I think I will take that cider, thanks! *takes a big gulp* Ahhh, refreshing!

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Good to meet you cutiemarkcrusader ;)


It's a lovely place here, hopefully you will find it the same way I do :D


Feel free to PM me / add me if you need help or want to chit chat! =]

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