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Searching (Searching) The Citadel (Mass Effect RP)

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Welcome to the Citadel, allow me to be your guide.


Yes, I've been playing a lot of Mass Effect, (Some may say too much Mass Effect, but what do those people know?) and I decided to try out a Mass Effect roleplay that takes place entirely in the citadel.


For those of you who don't know what the Citadel is; it is a gigantic interracial space station in the Mass Effect universe that was built by ancient civilizations and now serves as a hub of trade, politics, and crime. It is divided into two main sections: the presidium, the center of the citadel and the center of politics; and the wards, the vast majority of the station's size and home to citadel security, markets, bars, and the crime that comes with it.


For those of you familiar with the game, this takes place two years before the events of the first game.





No Godmodding, or controlling others's characters.

If you have a cannon character, you must know enough about them so that you don't make decisions they wouldn't.

Use the OOC page for arguments, not the main forum thread!

There are no Geth, Collectors, Protheans, or Reapers in this roleplay.

Your actions have consequences. No OC or cannon character is powerful enough to take on all of C-Sec if he/she gets in big trouble.




Locations: In order to make it possible for characters to interact with one another, the roleplay is restricted to the following locations, and you should be sure to specify where your character is. All locations are accessible by the rapid transit system.




Presidium locations:


Citadel Tower: a large tower in the center of the presidium. It is the center of politics and home of the council.


Embassies: a system of offices and lounges connected to the offices of the ambassadors of multiple races.


Waterside District: an open area alongside the presidiums artificial lakes that offers a stunning look at the citadel's beautiful architecture. It also contains a large general store called the Emporium.


Consort Chambers: a small lounge area where customers can acquire "advice" from wise Asari consorts. It has a very long waiting period.


Ward locations: (All ward locations are in the Zakera ward)


C-Sec Academy: the hub of Citadel Security. It is easily accessible, but covered in 'red tape.'


Upper market: home to many food stores, only one weapon store and a tourist information booth.


Lower market: just bellow the upper market, the lower market is much larger and contains a wider variety of licensed weapons and armor.


Medical ward: an area with many small clinics specializing in multiple species' biology.


Chora's Den: below the market district, Chora's Den has a reputation of being lively and deadly at the same time. The bar is a hot spot for mercenaries and gangs and is rarely ever regulated by C-Sec.


Flux: above the markets, Flux is a much safer bar than Chora's Den with gambling and dancing.


Docks: an open ship port where citizens come and go on ships of many sizes.


Storage hold: a popular hideout for gangs and duct rats.






OC guide: To make an OC for this roleplay, simply fill out this chart.


Name: (if your OC is a Hanar, include a face name and soul name.)



Gender: (Asari are all referred to as female)


Weapons: (Only fill this out if you want your character to be packing. There are a lot of assault riffles, SMGs, heavy pistols, sniper rifles, and shotguns to choose from.)

Biotic powers: (Only fill this out if your character is a biotic. Only humans, Asari, Krogan, and Drell can be biotics (with rare exceptions). If you don't know what biotics are, read this.)










Common on the citadel:


Humans: I'm pretty sure you know what these are.


Salarians: With a life span of barely over forty years, this short lived race of aliens has a fast acting metabolism and usually reaches adulthood before the age of sixteen. Salarians are one of only three races to have a seat at the council.


Turians: Turians are a race of reptilian-like creatures who also hold a seat on the council. Their lifespan is similar to human's and their females are almost identical to their males (they say the same about humans). They are known for their proud military strength and make up the majority of Citadel Security.


Asari: The Asari are a very long lived race that can sometimes have a lifespan of more than a millennium. They were the first of the three races to have a seat on the council and are regarded for their wisdom and beauty. Asari are monogender and can mate with any race they choose. However, mating with another Asari is considered despicable in their society as it creates no further advancement in their society.


Hanar: The Hanar are known for their persistent politeness, so much so that they often require training to prevent themselves from giving manner guidance to less polite races. They resemble "flying jellyfish" and communicate between other Hanar with bioluminescence, but speak to other races using simple speech. They have two names: a 'face name' which they tell to friends and partners, and a 'soul name' which they tell only to close friends and family. They also refer to themselves as 'it' or 'this one' because referring to one's self in the first person is considered egotistical.


Elcor: The Elcor are massive, slow moving creatures who speak in a slow monotone. They have difficulty conveying emotions to non-Elcor and thus, they often announce the emotion they are conveying to avoid misunderstandings. For example, one might say "With genuine enthusiasm: I agree that your plan sounds delightful." Or "Sarcastically: yes, that sounds like a splendid idea."


Volus: Volus are a race of short, stout creatures that must remain in an environmental breathing suit. They hold an embassy but aspire to have a seat on the council.


Rare on the citadel:


Krogans: Living nearly as long as Asari, Krogan are a war loving race who are often hired as mercenaries and private security. Because of their aggression and fast reproduction, they were once a threat to the galaxy in what was called the Krogan rebellions. They were stopped when the Salarians developed something called the Genophage which ruined Krogan fertility and caused only one in a hundred infants to survive birth.


Drell: The Drell are an amphibious race that now live in the same home world as the Hanar, who saved them from their previous, dying home world. They have extremely vivid memories and can recall specific details from memory.


Quarians: Quarians are rarely seen in the citadel. They are required to live in environmental suits because of their incredibly weak immune system and are known for their technical knowledge and resourcefulness. Their race created the Geth and were driven from their home world by their own creations.


Batarians: Batarians are almost never seen outside of the terminus systems. When they are, they usually come as slavers, pirates, or mercenaries.




You can also play as multiple OCs and you can pick to play as one (and only one) of the following characters from the game.


Emily Wong


Ambassador Udina


Urdnot Wrex




Garrus Vakarian (claimed)


Zaeed Massani (already claimed by me. I just still needed him on this list.)




Players and OCs:


Abridged Yami: Zaeed Massani


The Original PWD: Garrus Vakarian

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So no ponies? *Sigh* And entirely on the citadel? Aint that a bit small area?

The citadel is enormous. Way bigger than any city you could have a roleplay in. Going any bigger would be way to large. Have you seen the Wards? They're gigantic!
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I know... but still... there's security in the citadel... lots of shit could happen but... it somehow still feels small. What would the main story even be?

Its not following the same structure most RPs with one storyline do. There isn't going to be a definite goal. It's similar to the super hero RPs that used to be popular on this site where the characters stuck to one city and made their own stories. Granted, there will be more structure than that and I will be guiding the RP toward a coherent structure. And if you want to go to other locations, we Han talk about doing that as long as it stays centered around the citadel.

I'm in, Just need to do some things first. I'll post someone later.


I am defiantly interested in taking part in this RP. Mass Effect was the game that got me into game! x3

I'll post a character sheet up later, if that's okay! :D

Do either of you have OCs yet?
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Its not following the same structure most RPs with one storyline do. There isn't going to be a definite goal. It's similar to the super hero RPs that used to be popular on this site where the characters stuck to one city and made their own stories. Granted, there will be more structure than that and I will be guiding the RP toward a coherent structure. And if you want to go to other locations, we Han talk about doing that as long as it stays centered around the citadel.

Do either of you have OCs yet?


I'm sorry, no I haven't. I have waaay too much to do at the moment, so I may have to back out. Maybe next time!

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Hay huge fan of ME here I want in on this


Name: reaver nar rayya

Race: Quarian

Age: 24

Gender: male

Occupation: bounty hunter

Weapons: Geth pulse sniper/Geth plasma smg

Biotic powers: N/A

Personality: cold dark ruthless romantic charming persuasive manipulative


data log c-sec HQ citadel:

Start log/

Suspect 1735 is a tricky one we have no records of him at all no one has records or data on him not even the flotilla he's a ghost one moment he's there the next poof he's gone well we will have to release him as we have no evidence he was the killer god damn it

End log/

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