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Searching Looking for 1x1 RPs!

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For those of you who don't know what a 1x1 is:

Same thing as a regular role play but it's in PM and only two writers. 


My Rules:

Must be on at least once every two days.

Must write at least two good paragraphs per reply (with writers block. More is always welcome)

I prefer to play female but I can play male if we double up (Double up is where we each play one female and one male)

I have no limits and will abide by any of yours.

No instant romances. I understand being smitten with them but they can't be madly in love by day 2. 

Never just drop the RP if it gets boring. Just message me and I will try come up with something so you enjoy it.



Things I adore RPing:  (Based on !!!!!. 5 being the most craved) 

Anything Fantasy!!! (Skyrim, Lord of the Rings, Dragon Age, Divinity 2, ect.)

Anything based on military!!!! ( I'm a sucker for knights, soldiers, variations there of) 

Supernatural! (Vamponies, Wereponies, ect. NO TWILIGHT SHIT! )


Gladiators/Ancient Rome!!!! (kind of links back to military but I do what I want! *Loki reference*) 

Occasionally I will do a fanfic but only with OC's! (ex: Hetalia, Ouran, Black Butler, ect.)


I can also do it over email but I am slower: dovelove.ef@gmail.com

I am ALWAYS open to suggestions so just let me know what you are craving to write!  :wub:

~ Paper Willow  ;)

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Wanna do a Doctor Who 1x1?

Why not? Pm me and we can work out a plot (fair warning its exam weeks so I might fall asleep soon)


You know, this is odd. Two Whovians asking the same thing.

I'm also up for pirates. I love pirates! Especially pony pirates!

Lets do pirates. Pm me so we can work it out. Same sleep warning as above ^

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