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Dark Qiviut here!

Dark Qiviut

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Good evening, fellow Bronies! My name is Dark Qiviut, one of the "newer" fans of the series, having only watched since last summer (July, I think). I've since followed the fandom, its updates, and the series itself. If some of you read the comments section of Equestria Daily, you might've seen some of my longer posts dealing with the Derpy Hooves controversy from earlier this week and before and my distaste against the censorship (which I won't discuss at all here out of respect for the staff and forum).


I tend to lurk in many forums, but there are two that I really spend a lot of my time in.


1. The Sonic Stadium Message Board under this same name (although for there, I altered it to Derpitude Adjustment for today's occasion ;)). I'm a very vocal Sonic fan, particularly of the games from Sonic Adventure to today. In the Chit-Chat section is a huge thread talking about "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic." You can take a look at the board here. Be advised that some of the language can be off-color.


2. The New York City Transit Forums under the handle RTS CNG Command. That place is more about transportation discussion within the Tri-State area of the U.S., where I live. But most of my posts come from the Off-Topic Lounge and the Art section. I do talk about My Little Pony there at times, sometimes out of fun and other times because I love watching other members react. Here is the forum.


How I go around is that I like to discuss. But I particularly like to debate if I have the evidence by my side, and I'm especially not afraid to make my posts rather long if I feel I need to in order to make a logical point.


That's all right now! I think I'll enjoy this place, and I'll see you around! :D

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Welcome to the My Little Pony Forums! Newer brony? Hardly! To some people you are already a veteran! Don't worry about being new, just be yourself and rest in all the love and tolerance... See you on the forums!

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I would be honored to be the one to post that video some day. Well dark what can i say. We all love derpy and she even deserves her own episode. Of course not that we can actually do anything anymore...


Welcome to the forums! While your here feel free to read fanfics, take part in discussions and join the chatrooms! I hope you find this place to be a friendly community.

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