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Greeting. First of all, I'm actually new here. Nice to meet all of you. 


You can call me Tik for short. I'm a Brony from Thailand so my English is probably not that good and I'm still new to this 'forums' thingy too. 


Secondly, I'm currently writing a fanfiction, but I'm not quite sure with my grammars and stuffs and how to post it here. So I hope someone could tell me.  :blush:


Hope I can get to know all of you soon!

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Hello and welcome to the forums. I'm sure you will have a rather nice time here.


Fanfiction-wise, if it's pony-related, it can be posted here:




Non-pony related ones can be posted here:




Happy posting!

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Hello Tik! 


That's really cool that you're from Thailand, I really want to go there some day!


It's awesome that you're working on a fanfic, unfortunately I don't hang out in the writing portion of the forum too much so I can't be much help with how and where to post things. But if you check out that section there I'm sure you can find someone who knows more and would be more than willing to help you out! :) 


I love making new friends so feel free to talk to me whenever or ask me any questions!


Happy forum-ing

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Thank you guys! Such a warm welcome. Never knew there're so many people who are active on this site. :o  


I'm sure I will be able to get the fanfic post here. 


And for the last post.


Ans: It's a story write by a fan and I did not own horses, but I do own a lot of ponies. 

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A big brotherly welcome to the forums Tik!

Honestly, even compared to a lot of Americans your English is superb. So major props for that. ;)

Seems WheatleyCore already answered your question about where to post fan-fics. You'll find that we have a very active and friendly community here that are ever eager to help. :)

Hope you have a great time here bro.

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 Welcome Tik! 


 From a grammar position your first post looks fine, if you are worried about people getting upset at your grammar in your fanfiction, as a person who has posted a lot of fanfics in a bunch of communities over the years I have a suggestion. Again, this is only if you are worried about people being upset with the grammar etc. Simply post at the beginning before it starts a disclaimer explaining that you are from Thailand so there may be issues when it comes to grammar or what have you.

 As Aniki said though, it looks all good from here!

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